Al Fresco:
Romualdo brings his pizzas to the Four Seasons
The Four Seasons of Florence welcomes every summer to the open air season with the opening of 'Al Fresco', a trattoria for lunch, a pizzeria and a barbecue for dinner. By day you can appreciate a real trattoria, with fresh dishes, related to the season, which reflect and enhance the Italian and Tuscan tradition. In the evening, pizzas and meat of excellent quality cooked respectively in the oven and on the new josper grill, both in a corner dedicated under the trees of the garden.

'Al Fresco' presents itself as a simple, informal environment with a play area and a menu dedicated to children that will allow families to spend a relaxing summer evening by the pool. An exclusive location set in the greenery of an ancient park in the historic center.

Starting from June 2018, the pizza maker of "Le Follie di Romualdo", Tre Spicchi del Gambero Rosso and Maestro dell'Impasto, Romualdo Rizzuti, began a collaboration with the property, realizing with two hands a selection of pizzas with Vito Mollica: do not miss, "O 'Panuozzo di Romualdo", with Ragù Napoleano and Ricotta Di Bufala, "La Lucana", with Pomodorini, Pecorino Di Filiano, Red Aubergines, Borzillo and Peperoni Di Senise Powder, and "La Napoli di Romualdo", with PDO Tomato, Buffalo Mozzarella, Tiras San Filippo Anchovies, Salina Capers, Oregano and Basil.

Its doughs, made on different flour combinations for starch content, proteins, minerals and dietary fiber, studied day by day based on the strength of the blends, gluten, humidity and temperature of the environment, are accurate research and continuous experimentation, with blends made with art, passion and taste, which result in a natural, soft and light dough.
"I am very happy with this new adventure together with Vito, and the beginning with the goal of bringing the maximum expression of pizza into the highest expression of hospitality: Vito and I share the same philosophy: to offer a product of the highest quality, starting with a choice of excellent ingredients, linked to seasonality, which come from selected and sought after suppliers, whether they are millers, sausage factories or dairies What makes the quality of both a pizza and a dish is the selection of raw materials, continuous experimentation and the search for those nuances that make the difference, all driven by a great spirit of sacrifice ".
Four Seasons Hotel Firenze
Borgo Pinti, 99
50121 Firenze
mon - fri
 19:00 - 23:00 
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12:00 - 18:30
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 MeNù | Pizzas by Romualdo Rizzuti and Vito Mollica

The menu of pizzas was designed by Romualdo himself, who provides his famous bases, in collaboration with Chef Mollica, with an eye for the selection of condiments.

La Napoli di Romualdo (Tomato DOP, Buffalo Mozzarella, Anchovies Tiras San Filippo, capers of Salina, oregano and basil) 
Margherita(Tomato PDO, DOP fior di latte, extra virgin olive oil and basil) 
Bilbao (Yellow datterino, stewed onions, peeled cod, pequillo peppers and olive powder)
Vegetariana (Vegetables cooked in josper and taleggio) 
Prosciutto di Grigio del Casentino Macelleria Fracassi (Burrata of Andria, orange zest, mushrooms in oil and thyme) 
La Lucana (Scamorza,  Filiano goat cheese, red aubergines, borzillo and Senise peppers powder) 
O Panuozzo di Romualdo (Ragu 'Napoletano and buffalo ricotta) 
Pizza del giorno

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